A vision is a concise statement on where you want to go and what you
aspire to be. Develop this by looking at the company’s vision statement
and objectives and identifying how IS can assist the company. Following
are tips in developing a vision:
to become.

A vision identifies where the group is going and what it is going

of the desired future.

A vision communicates hopes and dreams, and provides a picture

it moves people.

A vision is an inspiration to get there; it touches hearts and spirits;

provides guidelines for daily decisions.

A vision helps all employees see how they can contribute and

get rid of.

Focus on what the group wants to create, not what you want to

Focus on the end result, not the process for getting there

motivates people.

An impossible vision discourages people; an ambitious vision

sure the vision is ground in reality.

There is a thin line between a vision and a hallucination, so make

every year.

A vision should stand the test of time and not require updating

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